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You Are NOT Katherine Gibbs and Math Class is NOT Secretarial School….

I stopĀ in to see K, our sixth grade teacher, who is twelve kinds of awesome and always quick with a witty phrase (it was from her where I learned to say “for all shits and giggles….”) K looked tense. I … Continue reading

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Torah, Talmud and the Common Core: Oy Veh!

There’s an old joke that if you put two Jews in a room to debate a question, they’ll inevitably emerge with three opinions. This comes about from the fact that Judaism is based on an ancient text written in an … Continue reading

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How “Conceptua Math” Gets Multiplication Really Wrong…

For some reason, I’ve been on the email list of an outfit called “Conceptua Math” for the longest time. I think their products are terrible and I’m always amused by the amount of hyperbole they put into their different press … Continue reading

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….and two to take him.

Wasn’t it P.T. Barnum who stated that there was a sucker born every minute, and two to part him with his money? The latest iteration of this comes from Body & Mind Builders, a company in Manhattan that provides yoga, … Continue reading

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