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You Are NOT Katherine Gibbs and Math Class is NOT Secretarial School….

I stop in to see K, our sixth grade teacher, who is twelve kinds of awesome and always quick with a witty phrase (it was from her where I learned to say “for all shits and giggles….”) K looked tense. I … Continue reading

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Using “Key Words” to Solve Math Problems: Lame x Lame

I work with a student who attends a school for children with special needs. He’s a very nice kid who is very eager to do well in math, even though it presents many challenges to him. His parents decided to … Continue reading

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An Old Dog Learns a New Trick…

As followers of my blog know, I’ve been working on better ways to teach math for almost 30 years, and just when I think I’ve seen everything, someone has to come along and show me a different approach. It’s rather … Continue reading

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Math Anxiety in Seattle

I’m back in Seattle for year 3 of my annual West Coast tour, which consists of visiting my sister and her brood in Seattle, and giving a workshop at Pacific Science Center (note there is no “The” at the beginning of … Continue reading

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