Who says Governor Andrew Cuomo is a mendacious asshole?

I’m thrilled Andrew Cuomo is governor of this great state, because it means that I can publish the above question and, being the public figure he is, I can totally get away with it. I can also ask “Is it true that Eva Moskowtiz and Michele Rhee are mendacious assholes?” in the same paragraph, and not fear that I will be prosecuted for libel. Of course, it’s not that hard to “prove” that they are, in fact, all mendacious assholes, but let’s start with some evidence.

Photo of said mendacious asshole addressing crowd at rally while bussed in charter school students stand in cold.

Here is a photo of said mendacious asshole addressing a crowd of charter school supporters, which includes children who were forced to skip school, placed on a long bus ride, and made to stand out in the cold to promote the cause of overpaid mendacious assholes like Eva Moscowitz.

Do we really need mendacious assholes like Andrew Cuomo as governor of NY? Why did he take $200,000 in campaign contributions from Charterswork? Is he corrupt, or just a mendacious asshole? And why is he grandstanding on an issue that affects, wait for it….. just 6% of all students in NYC, and more importantly, why isn’t he doing the same for the other 94%?

What’s my problem with charter schools, you ask? I don’t know where to begin, but here it is in a nutshell: chutzpah. You open a school, take all sorts of private money to fund advertising and publicity, exclude students from enrolling through a variety of strategies, and then expel those for whom you cannot or will not provide essential services or are discipline problems, underpay inexperienced teachers and work them to death so there is high turnover, then you instruct your teachers to “teach to the test” AND then have some students who might not measure up stay home on the day of the test, and then give your students copies of the test before they take it, shut up your students in computer labs to be “supervised” by $15 per hour aids, then rake off money for your shareholders and hire all sorts of corrupt ex-government officials to promote your cause, scream when you are asked to pay your share for the space you use to displace kids in public schools, AND then pat yourself on the back when your test scores show up marginally better than the local public school, which doesn’t do ANY of these things….

and you have the chutzpah to say you are “outperforming” public schools?

Give me a break, mendacious asshole “Governor” Cuomo….

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